True Penance

July 21, 2009

The Butcher of Bega’s Sentence Still Unknown

Doctor Graeme Reeves, charged with indecent assault, aggravated sexual assault and genital mutilation, is doing his best to prolong his trial.  On April 24, 2009, Reeves replaced his lawyers with Legal Aid lawyers, who asked for an adjournment so they could bring themselves up to speed on the case.  Then on May 19, these lawyers once again asked for  and received yet another postponement on the trial, rescheduled for this month.

Ex-doctor Reeves, an Australian gynecologist and obstetrician, was accused with 17 offenses, and as many as 500 of his female patients have come forward with complaints that Reeves sexually assaulted them or mutilated their genitals during operations performed when he was illegally practicing as an obstetrician on the South Coast.

His license to practice was suspended on December 2000 after numerous complaints, fatal deliveries, and inadequate behavior to patients as well as staff.  But this did not stop him. Reeves talked his way into Bega Hospital, without a background check, and continued his malpractice.

Eventually justice will be sought for these brave, courageous women coming forth and reliving the horror.

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Loosely based on a this character and from the award winning horror writer/director of ‘Days of Darkness’ and the producer of the indie horror hit ‘Automaton Transfusion’ comes a cautionary tale that will make you squirm and twist in your seat.

With unrelenting suspense and terror, Penance is the tale of a young, demure single mother, Amelia (Marieh Delfino), who hits upon hard times and decides to take her future into her own hands by taking up the one profession that can promise fast cash for a sexy girl like her – becoming a stripper.

Everything is going well until Suzy her stripper friend is beaten up on a job and recruits Amelia to take her place in a high-class strip job that night. Reluctantly Amelia takes the job, only to find that the job isn’t everything that it seems. Driven to a strange location by a dark and mysterious man (Tony Todd) and confronted by a grizzled hit man (Michael Rooker), Amelia’s world is turned upside down as a case of mistaken identity leads her to be taken captive and forced to confront her sins – the sins of her mind, body and soul.

Her captor (the mind bending Graham McTavish), is intent on one thing and one thing only – to purify Amelia and the other women in his incarceration. It’s time for them to pay their Penance!


Meet the Actors
James Duval–  Donnie Darko, Independence Day, Gone in Sixty Seconds

Marieh Delfino– Jeepers Creepers 2. Born in Caracas, Venezuela

Graham McTavish– Rambo. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Alice Amter– A Man Apart, Bad Boy .Born & raised in the UK.

Jason Connery– Shanghai Noon.  Son of Sean Connery and born in London, England, UK.

Lochlyn Munro– White Chicks

Michael Rooker– Jumper, The 6th Day, The Bone Collector


Quantum Releasing Brings Horror, Thriller, and Action to Cannes

May 5, 2009

Prepare yourself for the end of civilization as we know it, a new breed of werewolf rocking the town, massacres, and straight up bloody torture. There is no escape; Quantum Releasing will leave you horrified for weeks!


Jordon Tyler, former expert in the U.S military’s top-secret spy program, must race against the clock to stop an incurable, bio-engineered virus that could end civilization as we know it.



(Grindhouse Thriller)

SCREENING: May 16 @ 22:00 in Palais B
PRE-PARTY : May 15 @ 21:00 – address: 5 Rue De Moscou

Things go horribly wrong when Catherine and Rebecca, two Catholic School girls going door-to-door selling Religious paraphernalia, knock on the wrong door in the wrong neighborhood.



SCREENING: May 13 @ 17:30 in Palais B
Two young lovers face the ultimate evil when a chart climbing rock band comes to town looking for new blood.



SCREENING: May 15 @ 20:00 in Gray 4
A young mother decides to become a stripper to earn some fast cash only to find her worst nightmares are about to begin.  Based on a true character whose hearing is next week.



As if getting dumped by his wife and losing his job weren’t enough, Sam Carbon gets enlisted to unravel the lies of his former life through a series of adventures. Carbon discovers that his Ex-Father in Law, Dr. Scantilini, has set him up to take the fall of his criminal nature. Carbon is then challenged to get ahead of the curve and fight his way out.


A group of girls trapped in an institution suffer the wrath of a serial killer on the loose. This thriller pays homage to Friday the 13th.



A small group of teenagers are trapped in a deserted movie theater and stalked by a crazed B-movie actress out to kill for the demise of her career.



SCREENING: May 13 @ 13:30 in Palais D
Buried alive for 3 days, Lucas Snow must now figure out who did this to him and why.


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