ICSYB Cinema Presents: Run! B*tch Run!

February 10, 2009
Pray to God It Never Happens to You!
Danny Northside – icansmellyourbrains.com – Sunday, February 1, 2009

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I Can Smell Your Brains Cinema and Freak Show Entertainment are proud to announce the Arizona Premier of Run! Bitch Run! this past weekend February 6th and 7th at Chandler Cinemas!
RBR is a take on exploitation films of the 70’s that will not only make you laugh but make you cheer on the sheer ecstasy of revenge taken throughout. The story carries a few similarities to Meir Zarchi’s I Spit on Your Grave with a taste of They Call Her One Eye thrown in.

The story is about two traveling catholic school girls trying to raise money by selling religious paraphernalia and spreading the good word. Catherine, who is played by newcomer Cheryl Lyone, is a sweet and naive girl with God as her co-pilot and religion in her heart. Her friend Rebecca (Played by Christina Lobo and his croniesDeRosa – Playboy’s Babe of the Month in the July 2007 issue!) has sort of a wild steak now that they are away from the church and on the road.

The two girls get in serious trouble when they stumble upon a murder trying to teach the good word and are kidnapped by a pimp/drug dealer with a mean streak named Lobo (Peter Tahoe) and his two cohorts – Clint (Johnny Winscher) and Marla (Ivet Corvea). Their innocence is quickly taken as they are raped and tortured and then left for dead.
But you can’t keep a good girl down and it turns out Catherine lives trough this whole disaster. She steals a nurse outfit from a hospital and escapes to get revenge on the super hot!folks who did this to her and her friend. The bible does state, “An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.” Armed with a shotgun she makes a comeback worthy enough to make even Charles Bronson proud.

From here on out you can understand the gist of the film. The movie is packed with funny off the wall dialogue and good characters. Lobo is such a slimeball throughout the flick it is almost hard to picture him not being like that in real life! His constant howling like a wolf is hilarious. And Marla masturbating with a toilet plunger is a site to see.

The level of violence is extreme but done just enough that your anticipation for Catherine’s revenge builds up immensely. In our quest to find new and independent films, Run! Bitch Run! is for sure a film you don’t want to miss. It has all the cool elements of the old school Grindhouse films without a multi million dollar budget. Cheryl Lyone’s acting is great and quite impressive considering the intensity of her role and the variations her character goes through. There is even a funny cameo by Daeg Faerch of Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Hancock.

Director Joseph Guzman and writer Robert James Hayes II are currently working on a new film called Nude Nuns with Big Guns which is slated for 2010. Some of the same cast members of RBR are starring in the film and it’s currently in pre-production.

According to their IMDB page the synopsis is: Sister Sarah, a rehabilitated prostitute turned Nun, is tracked down, raped, and left for dead by her former pimp (Chavo) and his merciless motorcycle gang (El Diablos). Unable to control her lust for vengeance, Sara sets out to dispense Judgment Day on those who did her wrong.

We expect a lot of good things from Guzman and Hayes in the future and hope you make it out this weekend to the Arizona premier of a soon to be classic.