Welcome to Quantum Releasing’s 2009 Cannes Lineup

May 8, 2009

May 7, 2009

Escape reality with our latest films. From action to comedy, family, horror, and thriller… there is something for all to enjoy. Let Quantum Releasing take you away.

KNOCKOUTS (comedy)

Screening: May 13 . Palais D . 11:30

Screening: May 17 . Palais D . 20:00

A comedy centered on two single girls working the dating scene in Los Angeles.



PROMO Screening: May 13 . Palais D . 13:30

When the US Navy abducts a scientific research dolphin, a teenager and her friends risk without getting caught in the deadly sonar testing.


PENANCE (Horror/Thriller)

Screening: May 15 . Gray 4 . 20:00

A young mother decides to become a stripper to earn some fast cash only to find her worst nightmares are about to begin.


WHO IS KK DOWNEY? (Dark comedy)

Screening: May 14 . Palais B . 20:00

Inspired by a true story, two perennial losers, who want more than anything to be famous, finally gain celebrity status after creating a fictional persona.


FIRST STRIKE (Action/Thriller)

Jordon Tyler, former expert in the U.S military’s top-secret spy program, must race against the clock to stop an incurable, bio-engineered virus that could end civilization as we know it.



Albert isn’t the brightest bulb on the block, but he’s got his best friends George and Ernie to help him out. The only problem is they’re just as dumb as he is. The trio constantly land way over their heads in a comical tale of the blind leading the blind.



Jack the Bitterroot Beagle stumbles upon a treasure map that takes him on a curious adventure through the mountains of Montana in search of a golden bone.


ROUTE 30 (Comedy)

Screening: May 13 . Palais D . 15:30

Three interconnecting stories about rural people in South Central Pennsylvania looking for their happiness.


CARBON COPY (Horror/Thriller)

As if getting dumped by his wife and losing his job weren’t enough, Sam Carbon gets enlisted to unravel the lies of his former life through a series of adventures. Carbon discovers that his Ex-Father in Law, Dr. Scantilini, has set him up to take the fall of his criminal nature. Carbon is then challenged to get ahead of the curve and fight his way out.


30 DAYS TO DIE (Horror)

A group of girls trapped in an institution suffer the wrath of a serial killer on the loose. This campy thriller pays homage to Friday the 13th.



A group of teenagers are trapped in a deserted movie theater and stalked by a crazed B-movie actress out to kill for the demise of her career.


RUN! BITCH RUN! (Horror)

Screening: May 16 . Palais B . 22:00

PRE-PARTY : May 15 @ 21:00 – address: 5 Rue De Moscou

Things go horribly wrong when Catherine and Rebecca, two Catholic School girls going door-to-door selling Religious paraphernalia, knock on the wrong door in the wrong neighborhood.


3 DAYS GONE (Action)

Screening: May 13 . Palais D . 13:30

Buried alive for 3 days, Lucas Snow must now figure out who did this to him and why.


NEOWOLF (Horror/Thriller)

Screening: May 13 . Palais B . 17:30

Two young lovers face the ultimate evil when a chart climbing rock band comes to town looking for new blood.


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TV Loves Drama

January 6, 2009

The top rated TV programs are Dramas so we have decided to bring the DRAMA with us to NATPE and EFM.

Quantum Releasing has the films and actors that know Drama – from Michael Madsen (the new star of Sin City 2) to Wes Studi (who just signed onto James Cameron’s new film Avatar) and Annabeth Gish (X-Files and West Wing, ranking 8th in all time dramas on TV)

…so what are you waiting for….

Cosmic Radio

Cosmic Radio plots the relationship of Tyler Stone with the many women in his life: Rachel “the environmentalist determined to save the tress from loggers,” KC “the savvy head DJ of his radio station,” and his daughter Dakota who has decided to get to know her father. The turmoil that ensues leads Tyler on an inevitable journey inward, with results that are surprising (to himself as well as those around him) and bittersweet.

Starring: Jonathan Sachar (Unbreakable), Irene Bedard (Pocahontas, Smoke Signals), Seymour Cassel (Rushmore, The Royal Tenebaums), Ricardo Chavira (Desperate Housewives), Michael Madsen (Sin City, Kill Bill), Black Eyed Peas keyboardist Taboo (Street Fighter, Legally Blonde), Wes Studi (Heat, Last of the Mohicans)


Mojave Phone Booth

In the middle of the Mojave Desert rests an abandoned phone booth, riddled with bullet holes and graffiti but otherwise functioning. For years, travelers would make the trek down a lonely dirt road and camp next to the booth, in the hopes that it might suddenly ring and that they could connect with a stranger that just might change their life.

Starring: Annabeth Gish (West Wing, X-Files, Mystic Pizza, Beautiful Girls), Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy, 3 Men and a Baby), Missi Pyle (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish)


Number 10

Helmed by the Academy Award Nominated director of Cry the Beloved Country and Yesterday, Number 10 is an action packed romantic drama set against the backdrop of professional rugby. James’ (Colin Moss) biggest dream is to wear the Number Ten green and gold for the South African Springboks. He’s worked towards this all his life, but when his estranged father enters the picture, conflict arises. Can he let go of the past to triumph in the future?

Starring: Colin Moss (Host of Fear Factor & Pop Idol S. Africa) Mandoza ( Multi-Platinum Recording Artist), Ian Roberts (Tsotsi, Cry the Beloved Country), Shannon Esra & Jenna Dover