Meet with QR in HONG KONG

In tough times, everyone is looking to let their imagination run wild – escape to another world, embark on an alien adventure, or even become a rockstar. Quantum Releasing has content to feed your mind.

BATTLE PLANET – A Sci-Fi original movie that was just released on DVD in the US. Leave planet Earth behind and venture to Terra 219, where your means of protection from the Alliance traitors relies on a living government issue space suit.

NEOWOLF – About to tear through the theatres in the US, get ready to roll with a rock band that is thirsty for new blood.

ONE-EYED MONSTER – Detached and ready to kill, this alien is on a mission to find a warm place to release its venom…releasing this April on DVD in the US.

Quantum Releasing is attending the Hong Kong Filmart and would like to meet with you.
Email Michael Lurie, at, to schedule an appointment now or call
+1 310 929 74 94. We look forward to meeting with you.
Our complete library of films can be viewed at

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