2 Crimes 2 Action Thrillers

Drug Busts Gone Bad

From being buried alive for 3 days to coming up with the ultimate drug heist, these two films don’t end with the expected.  3 Days Gone and Burning Mussolini put a twist in crime thrillers.

3 Days Gone
3 Days Gone Trailer
MOMENTO meets  the sex, murder, and betrayal of U TURN

As the color begins to saturate the screen, Lucas Snow begins to figure out the truth. Lucas was buried alive, loosing three days of his life.  Now he’s on the run from the police and the two top drug lords for something he can’t remember doing – stealing a large sum of cash and drugs.  Everyone seems to want him dead.  The only way to stay alive is to remember how he ended up in this mess, and figure out how he’s going to get out of it.

Burning Mussolini
Ex-boxer Paul Choquino has had writers block for over a year now.  With funds dwindling, he must look else where to fund his upcoming wedding and impress his in-laws.  With an obscure plan in place, four unusual suspects decide to take on and rob head cocaine dealer, Benito Mussolini Bonacci. But everything that can go wrong in the burn does, and Paul is left running from the law, the mob and even the members of his own posse.

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