Bright Lights of Vegas

Going to NATPE

Quantum Releasing is heading to NATPE in January. From Northern lights to Christmas lights and onto Vegas lights, our films are sparkling just as bright. If you missed us at AFM, meet with us next month at NATPE. Book your appointment now –

New Comedy

We have comedy of all forms. From making fun of the Porn industry to zombies invading the land down under to a little historic town nestled in the countryside – home to a group of quirky people trying to figure out their lives. The laughs are limitless.


Comedy: Porn Style
The cast and crew of an adult film, attempting to shoot in a log cabin during a blizzard, must ban together as a mysterious and deadly alien, which has possessed the penis of the actor with the biggest part–Ron Jeremy, is now on a killing spree.   The race is on to trap and destroy it before there are more victims of its peculiar skills.
Starring:  Amber Benson (Can’t Hardly Wait, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Jason Graham, Charles Napier (Austin Powers, The Silence of the Lambs), Porn Star Veronica Hart, Porn Star Ron Jeremy (Orgazmo)


Comedic-Horror: Zombies battled with hockey sticks

A highly contagious virus has transformed almost every human into flesh-eating zombies. Now it’s up to three bickering, video playing friends, Morgan, Ash and unreformed rock’n’roller Johnny with their pick of well-appointed houses to occupy and free rein at the local Pak-N-Save, to save the world.

Starring:  Morgan Williams, Ashleigh Southam, Robert Faith, Emily Paddon-Brown


Comedy: From the Crazy People in the Countryside

Mandy obsesses on Jenny Wade, the only civilian killed at the battle of Gettysburg. Her friend June struggles with an Internet porn scheme to make extra money. The man down the street seeks the help of a Christian Scientist to heal his back pain and explain the Big Foot that chased him down the mountainside. And the newcomer to town buys an old farmhouse in hopes to find inspiration to write his novel; however, he’s sidetracked by his Amish neighbor, who smokes, drinks, swears and watches his TV.

Starring: Dana DeLaney (“As the World Turns”, “Desperate Housewives”), Curtis Armstrong (Ray, Revenge of the Nerds), David DeLuise (“Wizards of Waverly Place”, Dr. Doolittle 2), Christine Elise (Child’s Play 2), “ER”), Kevin Rahm (Alfie, “Desperate Housewives”)

New Horror, Thriller, and Sci Fi

Maybe you’ll find yourself at a rocking concert surrounded by werewolves.  But then again, you might be on planet Terra 219 stuck in a suit that has a mind of it’s own.  Or better yet Big Brother might be watching you…you might be the next victim to be tortured and turned into a government killing agent.  Nothing is too far-fetched these days for terror.


Sci-Fi: See it on the US Sci-Fi Channel
This Sci-Fi Original movie, starring Kevin Thompson, Michelle Lintel (“Back Scorpion”), Stephen Settgast, is about
Captain Jordan Strider, chosen for a top-secret mission, is sent to a dangerously desolate planet, Terra 219, to arrest possible traitors to the Alliance, Strider must survive with only an experimental suit as protection. However during his journey, he quickly learns of a destructive plan to end humanity. The Captain now faces a choice – to continue as instructed on his mission or chose his new mission, to save the world.


Thriller: SAW meets government conspiracy
A young American woman with a history of Arab boyfriends is targeted by homeland security, accosted, dragged in for questioning and held as a prisoner in a secret facility where she is tortured and brainwashed, all under the jurisdiction of the Patriot Act.
Starring:  Lena Bookall, John Foregham (“Footballer’s Wives”, Mean Machine), Barry J Ratcliffe, William Tempel, Chad Nell, Louis Graham


Horror: The Band from Hell

Aspiring rock musician Tony returns to his college town to reunite with his estranged girlfriend, Rosemary. Upon returning, Tony meets the rock hit band Neowolf and starts acting erratic. Rosemary, confused and frustrated with Tony, seeks out help, leading her to suspect that the band is vengeful pack of werewolves, killing anyone in their way.
Starring: Agim Kaba (“As the World Turns”), Michael Frascino, Heidi Johanningmeier


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