BachelorMan Flies to DVD

November 24, 2008

Magnolia Home Entertainment, along with Films On Tap, an Independent film company, announced the DVD launch of romantic comedy, “BachelorMan,” into the US and Canadian markets.

“I’m thrilled that BachelorMan will be seen by a national audience after the great success it has had at film festivals worldwide,” said Films On Tap producer Rodney Lee Conover. “Magnolia Pictures is the perfect partner to distribute BachelorMan on DVD.”

The film stars David DeLuise (Dom’s son), as Ted Davis, the ultimate bachelor and his alter-ego: “BachelorMan.” He’s got the rap, the charm and his little black book weighs several pounds – that is until he meets Heather, the pretty brunette next door played by Missi Pyle (“Dodgeball” , “50 First Dates” , “Along Came Polly” , “Big Fish”), who refuses to fall for anything in Davis’ very deep bag of tricks.

“BachelorMan is a fresh, smart, hilarious comedy that will appeal to a wide audience,” added Conover. “We have every expectation that this will be a runaway hit as well as a cult classic among the college crowd for years to come.”

The pictures was directed by Sundance alumni John Putch (“Valerie Flake”), written by Conover, Jeff Hause & Dave Hines (“Once Bitten”) and based loosely on characters from Conover’s stand-up routines. Karen Bailey and Helen Woo also produced with Exec Producer Tad Lebeck. “It will be great to see BachelorMan in front of an audience, because it was made for audiences…,” Director John Putch.

The project won 26 festival awards, including “Audience Award for Best Feature” at Palm Beach and LA’s Dances With Films; and “Best Screenplay” in San Diego and at the Oxford International Film Festival.

Whether BachelorMan is spraying Lemon Pledge over the door to make his date think he spent the whole day dusting, or whipping out his trusty “Poopmoose” in a nightclub (it’s his custom-made candy dispenser), BachelorMan knows he’s not God’s gift to women, but is just optimistic enough to think that they’re God’s gift to him.

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