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3 Days Gone

Lucas Snow was buried alive, loosing 3 days of his life. Now he’s on the run from the police and two major crime bosses. Everyone seems to want him dead. The only way to stay alive is to remember how he ended up in this mess, and figure out how he’s going to get out of it.

Little *ucker

Little *ucker is just one of the guys – always stoned and lounging around. But when he’s brought to a costume party and the cannabis runs dry, this little party animal transforms from a weed smoking stoner to a bloody killer leaving no survivors.

Torture   Room

A young American woman with a history of Arab boyfriends is targeted by homeland security, accosted, dragged in for questioning and held as a prisoner in a secret facility where she is tortured and brainwashed, all under the jurisdiction of the Patriot Act.

Meet the Jenkins

A young San Diego police officer has just proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Ashley. Now it’s time to meet her family over Thanksgiving dinner. But nothing can prepare Michael for what Ashley’s family is about to serve up they’ve got it goin’ on…and on and on!


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