Back to School with… SENIOR SKIP DAY

Grab Your Friends For a Barrel of Laughs

With school back in session and students being studious, it is the perfect time to release a high school comedy. Rally the students, bring out the beer, and ditch classes…the final year students are already antsy to graduate.

Senior Skip Day, starring Larry Miller (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, For Your Consideration), Tara Reid (American Pie, Josey and the Pussycats), Gary Lundy (Donnie Darko), Norm MacDonald (Dirty Work, Billy Madison) and Lea Thompson (Beverly Hillbillies, Back to the Future I, II, III), is a sidesplitting film bound to be loved by the masses – it is the best day of any of the year – just ask any senior.

Adam Harris, a semi-dork senior, is head over heels in love with Cara, the most popular girl in high school. On the one day of the year that he could actually have a chance with her, senior skip day, he goes and screws everything up by accidentally blabbing to the principal the location of the party. Now it’s up to Adam to save he day and come up with a new location for the party. Will he pull it off, stay out of enough trouble to graduate, and get the girl?

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