BACHELOR MAN: Battle of Man v Woman

Bachelor Man May Have Just Met His Match

He’s invincible. He knows how to treat a woman, and he knows the exact moment when to move on. He’s BACHELOR MAN.  He can have any girl at any time.  Yet when a mysterious brunette moves in next door to Ted (the bachelor man), she refuses to fall for his bag of tricks. She’s Bachelor Woman!

Ted will stop at nothing now to feed his ego and win over the girl…hopefully before he actually falls for Bachelor Woman’s tactics and gets intertwined in her web.

The battle is on – Bachelor Man v Woman. Will he actually win her over or has he met his match? This superhero romantic comedy steals the hearts of its audience. Starring Missi Pyle and David DeLuise, “[It’s] a sex comedy that’s completely irresistible,” quoted from the Palm Beach Sun Sentinel.



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