BABY – Gangs of Los Angeles

“The Asian American ‘Boyz N The Hood’, Juwan Chung’s captivating feature debut also reminds me of the Departed (or, if you will Internal Affairs). BABY is brash, stylish and violent” G. Allen Johnson – San Francisco Chronicle

Gangs are present everywhere in the world – on every continent inhabited by civilization. They intrigue those not involved; yet, they entice those who are. Some of the all time favorites and many of the award winning films are centered around GANGS because of action, violence, and the truth these films reveal.

In multi-award winning and Oscar nominated Gangs of New York, we learned about the Irish gangs in Manhattan during 1863, award winning American Gangster describes the life of gangs trafficking drugs back in 1968. Now further west across the US, we find ourselves in Los Angeles trying to understand the Asian Gangs in the award-winning film BABY.

BABY is about a divide and tolerance between the Koreans, the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Vietnamese on the streets of LA. It’s what the public around the world is waiting to see.

“East Los Angeles gang life is full of ugly, raw tragedies, and Chung doesn’t cower from showing its full intensity…brace yourself for BABY” Duc Bieu Pham – Campbell Express


Baby is a motherless , poverty-stricken young man in the care of his alcoholic father. His young life gets even worse when he gets mixed up with a pack of older gangsters who love next door and winds up being sent to prison for manslaughter at the age of eleven. Once Baby is released, his goals in life become simple – rekindle his first love, gain control of his life, and kill anyone who stands in the way.




Winner – Best Director of Disorient Asian American Film Festival

Special Jury Prize – Best Emerging Actor and Best Narrative at the Los Angeles Visual Communications Film Festival

Official Selection – San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

Official Selection – Chicago Asian American Showcase

Official Selection – San Diego Asian American Film Festival

Official Selection – Korean Asian American Film Festival of New York


2 Responses to BABY – Gangs of Los Angeles

  1. normanrittsbad says:

    Hell ya! Can’t wait.

  2. Jeremy Banks says:

    When’s the release date? Where’s all the publicity for this movie?!

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