Good Chemistry Explodes Nationwide

Throughout the US, Kristopher Hardy’s film GOOD CHEMISTRY can be seen on DVD and now theatrically.  Westlake Entertainment released the film on DVD back in May and just this past week, a deal was struck with Tavix Pictures for a theatrical release.  The release date is tba 2009.

Across the board GOOD CHEMISTRY has been receiving great reviews.  With it’s creative plot and strong cast, GOOD CHEMISTRY shocks the audience.

“Good Chemistry is one of those ‘so far under the radar’ films it’s easy to miss, but it entertains and thrills very well. The project is a nice surprise. It does what all good independent features do-shocks us with how inventive a movie can be,” reviews Judge Cullum of DVD Verdict.

And Christopher Armstead of Film Critics United stated “‘Good Chemistry’ is one fine looking movie.”

This is the thriller viewers are waiting for.  Trailer

Toby, a gifted chemist, stops on a quiet stretch of highway to help an alluring young woman who has car trouble. After being coaxed into giving a lift to the girl and her boyfriend, Toby is kidnapped and forced to make heroin, helping the kidnappers to pay off their immense criminal debt to an international drug lord.

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