Back to School with… SENIOR SKIP DAY

September 24, 2008

Grab Your Friends For a Barrel of Laughs

With school back in session and students being studious, it is the perfect time to release a high school comedy. Rally the students, bring out the beer, and ditch classes…the final year students are already antsy to graduate.

Senior Skip Day, starring Larry Miller (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, For Your Consideration), Tara Reid (American Pie, Josey and the Pussycats), Gary Lundy (Donnie Darko), Norm MacDonald (Dirty Work, Billy Madison) and Lea Thompson (Beverly Hillbillies, Back to the Future I, II, III), is a sidesplitting film bound to be loved by the masses – it is the best day of any of the year – just ask any senior.

Adam Harris, a semi-dork senior, is head over heels in love with Cara, the most popular girl in high school. On the one day of the year that he could actually have a chance with her, senior skip day, he goes and screws everything up by accidentally blabbing to the principal the location of the party. Now it’s up to Adam to save he day and come up with a new location for the party. Will he pull it off, stay out of enough trouble to graduate, and get the girl?

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Job Opportunity

September 19, 2008

POSITION – Director of Distribution

HOURS – 35-40 hours/week

EXPERIENCE and REQUIREMENTS – Bachelor’s degree in advertising, communication, marketing or related field

DESCRIPTION – Liaises between client and company following the sales department’s close of deal through to execution of contract and transfer of materials; develops and directs conceptualization and design of marketing packages; considers production factors with president and clients in conceptualizing most effective trailers for film; reviews and approves all materials produced by all departments as they pertain to distribution; confers with president and aids in the selection and acquisition of new titles.

APPLY – Mail resume and cover letter to
209 East Alameda Ave, #203
Burbank, CA 91502
Attn: Jamie Thompson

BACHELOR MAN: Battle of Man v Woman

September 17, 2008

Bachelor Man May Have Just Met His Match

He’s invincible. He knows how to treat a woman, and he knows the exact moment when to move on. He’s BACHELOR MAN.  He can have any girl at any time.  Yet when a mysterious brunette moves in next door to Ted (the bachelor man), she refuses to fall for his bag of tricks. She’s Bachelor Woman!

Ted will stop at nothing now to feed his ego and win over the girl…hopefully before he actually falls for Bachelor Woman’s tactics and gets intertwined in her web.

The battle is on – Bachelor Man v Woman. Will he actually win her over or has he met his match? This superhero romantic comedy steals the hearts of its audience. Starring Missi Pyle and David DeLuise, “[It’s] a sex comedy that’s completely irresistible,” quoted from the Palm Beach Sun Sentinel.


BABY – Gangs of Los Angeles

September 10, 2008

“The Asian American ‘Boyz N The Hood’, Juwan Chung’s captivating feature debut also reminds me of the Departed (or, if you will Internal Affairs). BABY is brash, stylish and violent” G. Allen Johnson – San Francisco Chronicle

Gangs are present everywhere in the world – on every continent inhabited by civilization. They intrigue those not involved; yet, they entice those who are. Some of the all time favorites and many of the award winning films are centered around GANGS because of action, violence, and the truth these films reveal.

In multi-award winning and Oscar nominated Gangs of New York, we learned about the Irish gangs in Manhattan during 1863, award winning American Gangster describes the life of gangs trafficking drugs back in 1968. Now further west across the US, we find ourselves in Los Angeles trying to understand the Asian Gangs in the award-winning film BABY.

BABY is about a divide and tolerance between the Koreans, the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Vietnamese on the streets of LA. It’s what the public around the world is waiting to see.

“East Los Angeles gang life is full of ugly, raw tragedies, and Chung doesn’t cower from showing its full intensity…brace yourself for BABY” Duc Bieu Pham – Campbell Express


Baby is a motherless , poverty-stricken young man in the care of his alcoholic father. His young life gets even worse when he gets mixed up with a pack of older gangsters who love next door and winds up being sent to prison for manslaughter at the age of eleven. Once Baby is released, his goals in life become simple – rekindle his first love, gain control of his life, and kill anyone who stands in the way.




Winner – Best Director of Disorient Asian American Film Festival

Special Jury Prize – Best Emerging Actor and Best Narrative at the Los Angeles Visual Communications Film Festival

Official Selection – San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

Official Selection – Chicago Asian American Showcase

Official Selection – San Diego Asian American Film Festival

Official Selection – Korean Asian American Film Festival of New York

Good Chemistry Explodes Nationwide

September 3, 2008

Throughout the US, Kristopher Hardy’s film GOOD CHEMISTRY can be seen on DVD and now theatrically.  Westlake Entertainment released the film on DVD back in May and just this past week, a deal was struck with Tavix Pictures for a theatrical release.  The release date is tba 2009.

Across the board GOOD CHEMISTRY has been receiving great reviews.  With it’s creative plot and strong cast, GOOD CHEMISTRY shocks the audience.

“Good Chemistry is one of those ‘so far under the radar’ films it’s easy to miss, but it entertains and thrills very well. The project is a nice surprise. It does what all good independent features do-shocks us with how inventive a movie can be,” reviews Judge Cullum of DVD Verdict.

And Christopher Armstead of Film Critics United stated “‘Good Chemistry’ is one fine looking movie.”

This is the thriller viewers are waiting for.  Trailer

Toby, a gifted chemist, stops on a quiet stretch of highway to help an alluring young woman who has car trouble. After being coaxed into giving a lift to the girl and her boyfriend, Toby is kidnapped and forced to make heroin, helping the kidnappers to pay off their immense criminal debt to an international drug lord.