Primitive on the Loose

Maybe it’s all imagination, and society is just getting board – not enough interesting stories in the news or interesting movies to view. But the mythical primitives, such as Bigfoot, are making headlines in reputable news. Within one month, videos, photos, and even DNA tests reveal that there might be some truth to these tales.

Just last Friday, two men in Georgia, USA claimed to have come across several dead Bigfoots (or is it Bigfeet) and snapped photographs as well as took a sample of their blood for DNA testing. The week prior, global news channel CNN aired video of the infamous bloodsucking Chupacabra – native to Mexico, it was sighted just across the border in Texas. And the month before that, Canadians hiking in Ontario captured pictures of the Sasquatch.

Are these creatures really out there, or are people’s minds just running wild? Maybe it’s time to give them some more ammo for their stories. Next to Bigfoot and the Chupacabra, the PRIMITIVE roams South Africa. Sightings are few, but legend and fossils state its existence. These are the people’s stories…this is what they want to believe…this is what they want to see.

Get lost in the folklore and believe. It’s time for Primitive to be the next headline.

One Response to Primitive on the Loose

  1. matt says:

    Nice page. I share your interest in Bigfoot, and I’ve been watching the recent events with a keen eye as well. You should probably check out my story about my personal Bigfoot hunting expedition which started in the backwoods of Arkansas and is now headed to Australia for the “Yowie.” I just posted part one of this story, and the second half will be up tonight.
    Catch ya’ later,

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