Who Said It Can’t Be Christmas In August

Tis the season to start thinking about Christmas! It might be August, but the Christmas spirit is just four months away.  So what’s all wrapped up under the Christmas tree this year…how about two hilarious comedies.

Unwrap the truth about Santa Claus as William Shatner narrates Stalking Santa. Millions of people may believe in Santa Claus and thousands claim to have seen him, but only one man is foolish enough to attempt to prove his existence. In a offbeat comedy, self-proclaimed “Santologist” Dr. Llyod Darrow will stop at nothing to take on government conspiracy, corporate suppression, and phony mall Santas – all in pursuit of the world’s oldest yuletide enigma.  Trailer

And then prepare yourself for the very worst…when Christmas is BANNED. The competition heats up at the annual Greenlawn Christmas decorating contest when Norbert Bridges moves to town and stirs up trouble with the reigning champion – Donnie Manning. But when things get out of control and the town outlaws Christmas, it’s up to the feuding neighbors to save the holiday. The Town That Banned Christmas…it’s a bag filled with family fun. Trailer


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