YouTube allows Kiwi director to complete feature film

Fri, 08 Aug 2008 11:47p.m.


New Zealand’s garden city will soon be showcased as far a field as Germany, thanks to first-time feature filmmaker, Logan McMillan.

McMillan’s fillm may seem a bit surreal to Christchurch residents: Last of the Living is a post-apocalyptic zombie flick.

The black comedy is part of the New Zealand International Film Festival and will premiere to the public on Sunday.

McMillan managed to raise $12,000, but was well short of the $84,000 needed to complete the independent film.

So using a bit of Kiwi ingenuity and the best parts of the film he already had, the 27-year-old put a trailer on YouTube – catching the attention of the right people.

“I wasn’t surprised that it was getting a lot of hits,” McMillan says. “But I was really surprised that it did get a company wanting to put money in.”

Going international is not always straightforward though – it pays to have a lawyer on your side.

“One of the difficult things to do, and this is why I’m so pleased with what Logan has been able to achieve, is raise funds,” lawyer Michael Stephens says.

While McMillan has learned to be hard nosed when it comes to contracts, he is pretty relaxed about the formal elements of film making.

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