Comedic Horror Reigns Over New Zealand

Last of the Living Premieres This Weekend at the NZ Film Festival

Kiwi director Logan McMillan is causing a stir with his first feature-length – Last Of The Living. The film was chosen for official selection in the New Zealand International Film Festival and will be premiering this weekend – 9 & 10 August 08.

Following in the footsteps of many well-known New Zealand directors, McMillan has chosen comedy/horror genre and produced a film set in the South Island, following the adventures of several loveable survivors after most of the nation has been turned into zombies.Last of the Living “showcases…slick editing skill[s]” and “supplies infectious fun,” exclaims film critic Michael McDonnell. The dry sense of humor is smart and witty, making the film a “must see” over and over again.

A highly contagious virus is spreading throughout the land. With one bite, it’s only hours before victims will turn into zombies and hunt for human flesh. Morgan, Ash, and Johnny might just be the only humans left, but they don’t seem to mind and find enjoyment lounging around in their underwear living in vacant homes. When they stumble upon a girl who just may have a cure, the three decide it’s finally time to step up to the plate and save the world- and the girl. Now the only hope for survival lies in their hands…

Screening Info


Saturday August 9th at the Regent on Worcester Theatre
Public Screening:
Sunday August 10th at the Regent on Worcester Theatre
view the trailer here

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