‘Mussolini’ Competes in the Montreal World Film Festival

August 26, 2008

The Canadian crime-thriller BURNING MUSSOLINI was chosen for Official Selection at the Montreal World Film Festival. Conrad Pla, star of Hit TV series “ReGenesis,” premiered his self-written, directorial debut on Monday, August 25, followed by a second screening on Tuesday, August 26. BURNING MUSSOLINI was picked up back in November 07 for worldwide distribution by Quantum Releasing and was just sold to Movie Network (Canadian paid TV).

Cast includes “Dexter” star David Zayas, “ReGenesis” co-stars Peter Outerbridge and Conrad Pla, as well as Chelah Horsdal of “Stargate SG-1” and Gemini Award winner Richard Chevolleau (The Eleventh Hour). Producers of the film are Tommy Groszman of F.A.T. Productions and Eric Gozlan of Reel Entertainment, and real estate developer and professional kickboxer Michel Lavallee serves as Executive Producer.

“On behalf of the whole cast and crew,” exclaimed producer Groszman, “I am proud that this picture – on a modest budget – has been realized and that it’s debut is at the Montreal Film festival, our home town. The fact that this picture is getting so much attention so quickly is a testament to the talent and efforts of our team and the dedication and vision of our leader, multi-talented (writer, director & lead actor) Conrad Pla. The wisdom and courage of my producing partners, Eric Gozlan and Michel Lavallee, and the experience and savvy of our distributor Quantum Releasing is what made it possible for us to Burn Mussolini in Montreal!”

Writer/Director Pla adds, “The film was shot in MontreaI, and I am extremely excited to showcase it here, where the writing came to life.”

“The effort and talent put forth for this film was incredible,” expressed Producer Eric Gozlan. “We’re thrilled to finally see this great accomplishment on the big screen and share it with everyone.”

BURNING MUSSOLINI tells the stylistic story of Paul Choquino, an ex-boxer with a checkered past, who decides to finance his upcoming wedding by robbing reputed drug lord Benito “Mussolini” Bonaci. What looks like a simple stick up goes horribly wrong resulting in four homicides. With the police now investigating the murders, Paul’s freedom may be at stake – the least of his worries. As members of his gang begin to die, Paul is not sure if the mob is responsible or one of the members of his own posse who now has a huge motive to keep the others silent. Either way he could be next.


Primitive on the Loose

August 21, 2008
Maybe it’s all imagination, and society is just getting board – not enough interesting stories in the news or interesting movies to view. But the mythical primitives, such as Bigfoot, are making headlines in reputable news. Within one month, videos, photos, and even DNA tests reveal that there might be some truth to these tales.

Just last Friday, two men in Georgia, USA claimed to have come across several dead Bigfoots (or is it Bigfeet) and snapped photographs as well as took a sample of their blood for DNA testing. The week prior, global news channel CNN aired video of the infamous bloodsucking Chupacabra – native to Mexico, it was sighted just across the border in Texas. And the month before that, Canadians hiking in Ontario captured pictures of the Sasquatch.

Are these creatures really out there, or are people’s minds just running wild? Maybe it’s time to give them some more ammo for their stories. Next to Bigfoot and the Chupacabra, the PRIMITIVE roams South Africa. Sightings are few, but legend and fossils state its existence. These are the people’s stories…this is what they want to believe…this is what they want to see.

Get lost in the folklore and believe. It’s time for Primitive to be the next headline.

Who Said It Can’t Be Christmas In August

August 13, 2008
Tis the season to start thinking about Christmas! It might be August, but the Christmas spirit is just four months away.  So what’s all wrapped up under the Christmas tree this year…how about two hilarious comedies.

Unwrap the truth about Santa Claus as William Shatner narrates Stalking Santa. Millions of people may believe in Santa Claus and thousands claim to have seen him, but only one man is foolish enough to attempt to prove his existence. In a offbeat comedy, self-proclaimed “Santologist” Dr. Llyod Darrow will stop at nothing to take on government conspiracy, corporate suppression, and phony mall Santas – all in pursuit of the world’s oldest yuletide enigma.  Trailer

And then prepare yourself for the very worst…when Christmas is BANNED. The competition heats up at the annual Greenlawn Christmas decorating contest when Norbert Bridges moves to town and stirs up trouble with the reigning champion – Donnie Manning. But when things get out of control and the town outlaws Christmas, it’s up to the feuding neighbors to save the holiday. The Town That Banned Christmas…it’s a bag filled with family fun. Trailer

YouTube allows Kiwi director to complete feature film

August 12, 2008

Fri, 08 Aug 2008 11:47p.m.


New Zealand’s garden city will soon be showcased as far a field as Germany, thanks to first-time feature filmmaker, Logan McMillan.

McMillan’s fillm may seem a bit surreal to Christchurch residents: Last of the Living is a post-apocalyptic zombie flick.

The black comedy is part of the New Zealand International Film Festival and will premiere to the public on Sunday.

McMillan managed to raise $12,000, but was well short of the $84,000 needed to complete the independent film.

So using a bit of Kiwi ingenuity and the best parts of the film he already had, the 27-year-old put a trailer on YouTube – catching the attention of the right people.

“I wasn’t surprised that it was getting a lot of hits,” McMillan says. “But I was really surprised that it did get a company wanting to put money in.”

Going international is not always straightforward though – it pays to have a lawyer on your side.

“One of the difficult things to do, and this is why I’m so pleased with what Logan has been able to achieve, is raise funds,” lawyer Michael Stephens says.

While McMillan has learned to be hard nosed when it comes to contracts, he is pretty relaxed about the formal elements of film making.

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Comedic Horror Reigns Over New Zealand

August 11, 2008
Last of the Living Premieres This Weekend at the NZ Film Festival

Kiwi director Logan McMillan is causing a stir with his first feature-length – Last Of The Living. The film was chosen for official selection in the New Zealand International Film Festival and will be premiering this weekend – 9 & 10 August 08.

Following in the footsteps of many well-known New Zealand directors, McMillan has chosen comedy/horror genre and produced a film set in the South Island, following the adventures of several loveable survivors after most of the nation has been turned into zombies.Last of the Living “showcases…slick editing skill[s]” and “supplies infectious fun,” exclaims film critic Michael McDonnell. The dry sense of humor is smart and witty, making the film a “must see” over and over again.

A highly contagious virus is spreading throughout the land. With one bite, it’s only hours before victims will turn into zombies and hunt for human flesh. Morgan, Ash, and Johnny might just be the only humans left, but they don’t seem to mind and find enjoyment lounging around in their underwear living in vacant homes. When they stumble upon a girl who just may have a cure, the three decide it’s finally time to step up to the plate and save the world- and the girl. Now the only hope for survival lies in their hands…

Screening Info


Saturday August 9th at the Regent on Worcester Theatre
Public Screening:
Sunday August 10th at the Regent on Worcester Theatre
view the trailer here