Witches’ Night Makes a Stir on US DVD Shelves

Rivercoast Film will release the new feature-length horror film Witches’ Night, a Quantum Releasing title, on July 8, 2008 to all US DVD retail sales, rental and online entertainment outlets. “We’re extremely excited about this film,” says Michael Katchman, CEO of Rivercoast Film. “It’s a fun horror movie with an intelligent story, great effects, excellent production value and a top-notch cast.” Betsy Baker, famous for her role in Sam Raimi’s influential first film, The Evil Dead, stars in Witches’ Night, along with Gil McKinney of NBC TV’s “ER.”
“Witches’ Night is sure to be a horror fan hit,” says Katchman. “From the first frame to the fiery finale, it’s filled with great scares and won’t disappoint. Director Paul Traynor modeled Witches’ Night after the successful fright films in the 70s, with characters to remember and relate to.” “To me, the 70’s were the real heyday of horror, and those are the films we hoped to emulate. Cookie-cutter characters’ being mutilated in ingenious ways has been overdone to death. I like a great story. I like to get to know the characters, to believe in them and their surroundings, so that when they encounter something horrific I feel like I’m with them…like it’s a shared experience. I think the audience will feel the same way when watching Witches’ Night.”
“Oh, this is gonna be fun.” “It was your idea, smartass. I wanted to go to a topless bar.”

It’s Halloween weekend. Jim’s humiliated, left standing at the altar, so his friends whisk him away to the middle of nowhere. Enough beer makes a spur-of-the-moment canoe trip seem like a good idea…and they can’t believe their luck—they meet four hot women tending a bonfire on the banks of the wild river. But their titillation turns to dread when they realize the women have deadly plans for them. It’s a race for survival, as Jim tries to save his friends from being turned into grisly human sacrifices on Witches’ Night.


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