Millions Around the World Vote RON PERLMAN as the Top Actor

Nightmare Boulevard – Imagine your worst nightmare…now imagine it’s not a dream

According to IMDb Starmeter, Ron Perlman is the 2nd hottest actor around the world. With his current box office hit, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Perlman has climbed the popular chart and found a cozy seat just between Batman stars Heath Ledger and Christian Bale.

So what exactly is this Starmeter, and how does it rate the Stars? It’s “plain and simple, [it] represents what people are interested in, based not on small statistical samplings, but on the actual behavior of millions of IMDb users.” (IMDb is the world’s largest film industry database open to the public.)

The statistics clearly show that Perlman is who the public wants to see. And now that he’s at the top of his game, what would stop you from picking up any of his other films.
Quantum Releasing offers Nightmare Boulevard.

Detective Perry (Perlman) has been chasing a serial killer with dead-end clues. On the other side of town, an attractive married woman is neglected by her workaholic husband. Lonely and insecure, she foolishly falls for the seductive charms of a younger man. The love affair is brief as she realizes that her new lover has a dark, sinister, obsessive side. When the detective and cheating housewife’s paths cross, clues begin to unravel…but do they lead to the serial killer Perry is looking for or just open a new case of homicides.

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