‘ROUTE 30’ Star Winds Up in ‘DISTRICT 9’

August 28, 2009
ROUTE 30’s Nathalie Boltt Discusses Her Role in District 9
Born in South Africa, Nathalie Boltt plays “Mandy” in the award winning comedy – ROUTE 30.  Set in South Central Pennsylvania, Route 30 is about three interconnecting stories of local, interesting people.  One of the stories titled ‘Deer Hunters Wives’ focuses on Mandy.  Mandy is a frustrated US civil war tour guide who obsesses over Jenny Wade, the only civilian killed at the Battle of Gettysburg.  Mandy struggles with the historical story, refusing to believe that Jenny died from a bullet in the behind.  View Trailer

Boltt’s career has now landed her a part in the global hit – DISTRICT 9.  Below is a portion of her interview from “Talk with Tim” on Twitter.
Tell us about your character and her motivation.

Nathalie-Boltt-Dark Sarah Livingstone is a sociologist commenting on what happened to ‘Wikus’ and the District 9 situation. She tries to be as straight and honest as she can and deliver the facts. From a sociological point of view, this is of course a very unique situation so very interesting to her. But from a personal perspective, her sympathies lie with Wikus and the Aliens. She feels they were wronged and is saddened by it all. She is not intimidated by MNU and has no problem speaking out about their unethical motives and their mistreatment of the aliens or the way they mercilessly used, abused and abandoned Wikus.

How does working on a sci-fi movie compare to working on films in other genres?

You do your best and try to bring truth to the character you are playing, while helping to realize the director’s vision. It’s the same really. But great to see the end result – being involved in something fun and wonderfully creative – that attracts such a different audience and will potentially have a cult following.

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It’s Showtime for the One-Eyed Monster

August 24, 2009

One-Eye Monster Attacks Showtime
OEM is now airing on Showtime in North America.  From August through September, Showtime is airing this adult movie gone wrong comedy once-twice per week.

Protect Yourself.  The World is Screwed.

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In a darkly comic homage to “Alien” and “The Thing”, the cast and crew of an adult film, stranded in a blizzard, must band together against a mysterious and deadly alien, which has possessed the penis of the actor with the biggest part–Ron Jeremy (naturally).  Now, with Ron dead and his detached penis on a killing spree, the race is on to trap and destroy it before there are more victims of its peculiar skills.   Help comes from a half-crazed Vietnam vet (Charles Napier) who is haunted by his own wartime experience with this alien, but will it be enough to stop it?



Meet the Actors

Amber Benson – Can’t Hardly Wait, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Charles Napier – Austin Powers, The Silence of the Lambs

Adult Film Star Veronica Hart – Boogie Nights, Magnolia

Adult Film Star Ron Jeremy – Orgazmo, Boondock Saints

Jason Graham – Sister’s Keeper, “7th Heaven,” “CSI: Miami”

Jeff Denton – “Back Nine” , “Dirty Sexy Money”

Bart Fletcher – “Everybody Hates Chris”, “Veronica Mars”

John Edwards – Sci-Fi Film WarWolves

Carmen Hart – Adult Film Star with Wicked Pictures

Who is KK Downey?

August 3, 2009

Behind the Sunglasses
Aren’t you the slightest bit interested?

James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces which was praised by Oprah and “The New Yorker”.  J.T. Leroy, a person celebrities, like Shirley Manson, Dennis Cooper, and Gus Van Sant, befriended and trusted.  What do these two people people have in common?  They both fooled the world.
Inspired by the fake personas of Frey and Leroy comes a dark comedy about a cult biographer everybody wants to know.  Meet KK Downey – the life of the party who intrigues fans with his emotional past.  But after gaining such mysterious popularity, people began to wonder: WHO IS KK DOWNEY?

KK Downey is The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Lie.

“…the real thing…a truly funny movie.” – Variety

“…touching, hilarious, and vulgar…” – Film Threat

Winner – Audience Award Boston UFF;  Winner – New Visions Award Cinequest; Official Selection – Raindance FF;   Official Selection – Philadelphia FF; Official Selection – Fantasia;  Official Selection – Mauvais Genre FF

Theo and Terrence are best buddies, twenty-something scenesters with big ambitions. Theo’s invested three years in his first novel “Truck Stop Hustler,” the hair-raising, drug-soaked tale of a male prostitute. Terrence is a sociopathic slob with delusions of grandeur, dreams of rock ‘n’ roll superstardom with all the hedonism and hero worship that entails. But the cards aren’t in their favor. Their band can’t draw flies, and the girl Terrence loves has been stolen from him by an obnoxious music journalist with an ego bigger even than his own. Meanwhile, Theo’s book is rejected by a slimy publisher. Nobody, he claims, wants to hear that story from a soft, pampered suburban white boy. In a flash of desperate, dead-end inspiration, Terrence proposes a wild plan. He himself will publicly play the role of Theo’s character, K.K. Downey. The success and celebrity they crave awaits the pair, but so do terrible secrets that threaten to destroy their friendship–and worse.

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True Penance

July 21, 2009

The Butcher of Bega’s Sentence Still Unknown

Doctor Graeme Reeves, charged with indecent assault, aggravated sexual assault and genital mutilation, is doing his best to prolong his trial.  On April 24, 2009, Reeves replaced his lawyers with Legal Aid lawyers, who asked for an adjournment so they could bring themselves up to speed on the case.  Then on May 19, these lawyers once again asked for  and received yet another postponement on the trial, rescheduled for this month.

Ex-doctor Reeves, an Australian gynecologist and obstetrician, was accused with 17 offenses, and as many as 500 of his female patients have come forward with complaints that Reeves sexually assaulted them or mutilated their genitals during operations performed when he was illegally practicing as an obstetrician on the South Coast.

His license to practice was suspended on December 2000 after numerous complaints, fatal deliveries, and inadequate behavior to patients as well as staff.  But this did not stop him. Reeves talked his way into Bega Hospital, without a background check, and continued his malpractice.

Eventually justice will be sought for these brave, courageous women coming forth and reliving the horror.

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Loosely based on a this character and from the award winning horror writer/director of ‘Days of Darkness’ and the producer of the indie horror hit ‘Automaton Transfusion’ comes a cautionary tale that will make you squirm and twist in your seat.

With unrelenting suspense and terror, Penance is the tale of a young, demure single mother, Amelia (Marieh Delfino), who hits upon hard times and decides to take her future into her own hands by taking up the one profession that can promise fast cash for a sexy girl like her – becoming a stripper.

Everything is going well until Suzy her stripper friend is beaten up on a job and recruits Amelia to take her place in a high-class strip job that night. Reluctantly Amelia takes the job, only to find that the job isn’t everything that it seems. Driven to a strange location by a dark and mysterious man (Tony Todd) and confronted by a grizzled hit man (Michael Rooker), Amelia’s world is turned upside down as a case of mistaken identity leads her to be taken captive and forced to confront her sins – the sins of her mind, body and soul.

Her captor (the mind bending Graham McTavish), is intent on one thing and one thing only – to purify Amelia and the other women in his incarceration. It’s time for them to pay their Penance!


Meet the Actors
James Duval–  Donnie Darko, Independence Day, Gone in Sixty Seconds

Marieh Delfino– Jeepers Creepers 2. Born in Caracas, Venezuela

Graham McTavish– Rambo. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Alice Amter– A Man Apart, Bad Boy .Born & raised in the UK.

Jason Connery– Shanghai Noon.  Son of Sean Connery and born in London, England, UK.

Lochlyn Munro– White Chicks

Michael Rooker– Jumper, The 6th Day, The Bone Collector

Star of The Golden Bone Draws Smiles

July 15, 2009

Jack the Bitterroot Beagle Entertains Kids with Cancer

On July 14, 2009, famous Montana movie star, Jack the Bitterroot Beagle, will take a break from his busy filming schedule and visit nearly 40 children with cancer at Camp Mak-A-Dream.

According to John Williams, the director of Jack’s recent award-winning feature film, The Golden Bone, “we are so excited that Camp Mak-A-Dream invited us to spend some quality time with these wonderful kids. I know they will enjoy meeting Jack too.”

Jack is no stranger to cancer. During production of The Golden Bone, his co-star and best friend, Athena, was diagnosed with cancer. “It was a difficult time for all of us. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those with cancer, especially the children,” Williams said.

Jack and Williams will have many gifts for the kids, from framed production photographs to movie props, and even a specially-made, personalized movie for each child.

Family/adventure (2009)

Jack the Bitterroot Beagle stumbles upon a treasure map that takes him on a curious journey through the mountains of Montana in search of a golden bone.

Beach Bums Makes Waves on Yahoo

June 16, 2009

24,000 splashes and keeps on counting

With over 24,000 hits and ranking just behind Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Baja Beach Bums aka Beach Bums makes waves on Yahoo Movies.

A cocky dot-commer hits rock bottom and has to patch his life together with what’s at his disposal; a beach, a bus, and a burro. With the help of some surfers he learns to enjoy the here and now… wherever that may be.

Starring Rini Bell from “Gilmore Girls” and the daughter of the late David Carradine, Kansas, Maverick Entertainment released Baja Beach Bums last month. So grab a bus, a burro, and a beer for a barrel of laughs!

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Route 30-2?

June 3, 2009

‘Route 30’ director makes ‘trilogy’ plans

The success of “Route 30,” John Putch’s low-budget, local film that has won 14 awards at film festivals across the country, has motivated his creative genius to make two more films about the area and its folklore.

“I’m making a sequel,” Putch said with excitement. “It will be the second film in the ‘Route 30’ trilogy!”

Putch has already drafted a script for a second installment about the local highway and area myths and truths intertwined with loveable characters. Putch said some of the original characters will appear in the second film that is expected to start production in October 2010.

“The tagline is ‘New stories, same highway,’” he said. “It will take place in Pennsylvania and I plan to condense it (the coverage area) even more. This one will focus on Fayetteville and Caledonia, the area between Gettysburg and Chambersburg. That’s where the ghosts are, the Bigfoots are and where alien spacecrafts land.”

Producer Jonathan Taylor said Putch didn’t mention there would be more than one “Route 30” film made.

“But during the experience of this film, there were so many moments that were creative and as soon as it was done and people took to the characters, I could tell there were ideas for another one.”

Taylor said Putch began working on the new script after the original film premiered in York last fall. “I read the script a few months ago,” he added. “I’m sure he’s not completely finished. He was out of the country for awhile and I’m sure he’ll work on it more this summer.”

Putch plans to officially announce his upcoming plans at a press conference Saturday, May 30, in Chambersburg’s Capitol Theatre.

Putch and his cast and crew members are preparing for a June 20 premiere of the original “Route 30” film at the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg.

“It’s about time we’re showing it in Chambersburg,” Putch said. “We shot part of the movie there and I was born there. I can’t wait to show it for the people who couldn’t make it to Gettysburg.”

The film will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, June, 20, and at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 21. Tickets are $15. The showings will be presented by the Cumberland Valley Film Club, the Capitol Theatre and Patriot Federal Credit Union. A pre-show reception with members of the cast and crew will be held from 5:30 to 7:15 p.m. June 20 in the Woods Center in Chambersburg. A limited number of tickets are available for $25.

Putch said he has been working closely with Chambersburg Mayor Pete Lagiovane to have the premiere held at the theater. Putch said he will be joined by his sister, Pamela Putch, an executive at NBC; Curtis Armstrong, best known for portraying Booger in the “Revenge of the Nerds” films from the 1980s and 1990s; Mister Ed of Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum in Orrtanna; Taylor; St. Thomas native Alicia Fusting; Carl Schurr, a former proprietor of Totem Pole; and a few others from Los Angeles for a question-and-answer session after the film Saturday and Sunday.

The film also will be shown at the Artsfest Film Festival in Harrisburg on May 25. Putch also will travel to England at the beginning of June to show the film at two festivals.

Putch said previously he decided to make a second low-budget film since his 2006 film, “Mojave Phone Booth” starring Steve Guttenberg and DeLuise, won seven awards at five different film festivals.

“I decided I wanted to set it in familiar settings,” Putch said. “I had great memories and great resources (in Fayetteville), and to make small movies you need help and resources. I thought, ‘Where can I go where it can be friendly?’ That’s how it came to be. I don’t particularly care for the way Hollywood does their films and TV shows. I think the better movie is the more economical endeavor and the one that is driven by the content.”

Audiences across the U.S. have accepted the film and appreciated it, according to Putch.

“We won 14 awards and have been in 30 or 40 film festivals and we’re still going strong,” he said. “We’ve won the Grand Jury Award for best feature in Iowa and recently won the ‘Best Use of Booger’ award (for Armstrong) in Seattle. That’s one of my favorites!

“I’m happy to say that for the people who choose to go see it, the reaction has been tremendous,” he continued. “They don’t get all the nuances that we get, but they are still pleased after they see it. They are incredibly interested in what was real and what was fictional. Here (locally), they get that. But John G. Public in Palm Springs or Chicago thinks everything is fictional until the question-and-answer when I tell them Mister Ed is real, the Totem Pole is real and that my father was Bill Putch. They’re fascinated by that.”

Putch is working on getting “Route 30” on DVD and hopes to release it by the end of 2009.

Taylor said he is not surprised by the film’s success because it is original. On the other hand, he is a bit surprised because “the film is so original.”

“We didn’t make it to win festivals, but it’s always encouraging to have audiences enjoy it,” he added. “I’m just a bit surprised because it’s so unique.”

Taylor said he, Putch and the cast and crew are extremely excited to show it to a local audience once again. It was shown at the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg in September and at the Strand Capitol Theatre in York in October.

“It really brings the project full circle,” he said. “Other audiences like it, but not like they do at home. I can’t wait to watch it with the local audience.”

Record Herald by Denise Bonura